Apollo 11

For the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Todd Douglas Miller's breathtaking film of the Apollo 11 mission that's comprised entirely of archive footage is essential viewing for all mankind.

Managing Instagram Hashtag Sets

Shortcuts no longer supports shortcut file imports. Any links to shortcuts in this post have been updated to use iCloud links. My iPhone photography workflow includes sharing some of the photos I've taken to Instagram. I usually include relevant hashtags to increase discoverability and have a collection of frequently used hashtag sets—different hashtags for the … Continue reading Managing Instagram Hashtag Sets

Mocktail: A Shortcut for Creating iOS Device Mockups

I last updated my shortcut for creating device-framed screenshots in December 2017 by adding support for iPhone X. I've been meaning to add more device frames for a while now but, since becoming a father six months ago, free time has been a precious commodity. In the meantime, Federico Viticci released his impressive Apple Frames … Continue reading Mocktail: A Shortcut for Creating iOS Device Mockups