6Wunderkinder halts development of Wunderkit to focus on Wunderlist

Christian Reber (founder of 6Wunderkinder):

We were lost in perpetual discussions about how features should work and what they should look like. Unfortunately we were never fully satisfied with the result. That was when we understood we had to make a decision, it’s either the one or the other. Either we focus on Wunderkit or Wunderlist – both would be too much of a challenge. In the end the decision was pretty obvious, but it was still hard to make.

It’s a shame but reading his blog post I couldn’t help but nod in agreement at every point he made. Wunderlist is an amazing cross-platform task manager and should be their core focus.

I used Wunderkit for a few months when I became my own boss and started freelancing earlier this year but syncing issues, service outages and just general bugginess caused so many problems that I ultimately switched to Things.

I don’t see Wunderkit as their failed second album, it’s more like their b-side to Wunderlist. It’s not bad, it’s just Wunderlist has far wider appeal.