EU sniffing around Apple’s ‘unacceptable’ 1-year warranty practice

Erica Ogg at TheAppleBlog:

The European Union is looking into whether Apple is meeting the body’s consumer warranty protection standards. The head of the EU’s Justice Commission has recently written to member countries to ask whether Apple has properly been advertising EU shoppers’ right to a two-year warranty with purchase of its products, according to a Bloomberg report Monday. This is not the first time Apple has run afoul of this particular law in Europe.

To be fair, this isn’t just Apple. EU law for guarantees and warranties is confusing at best. Each member state can – and will – have slightly different policies. Italy really put the boot in and all but forced Apple to change their wording.

For example, in the UK it’s still only one-year warranty for all electronic purchases. Anyone who quotes longer has not read the Sales of Goods act 1979 properly. Hell, I’ve had people claim physical damage is covered under SoG or the manufacturer’s warranty. But it’s precisely this confusion that electronics manufacturers take advantage of. In most countries, it’s damn near impossible to know exactly what you are and aren’t entitled to under warranty.