Apple to Stream Live Video of Media Event to Apple TV


Several MacRumors readers have noted that Apple has added a new “Apple Events” icon to the Apple TV, with the company revealing that it will be streaming today’s media event live.

It is unclear if the video stream will be available through other means such as on, but Apple will presumably be updating its site with more information if it is indeed planned to be viewable through it.

Apple has offered live video streams of its events several times in the past, but has not done so in several years until today. The most recent for which Apple provided a live video stream prior to today was its “Back to the Mac” event in October 2010.

Apple’s really been pushing the “apps” of the Apple TV recently. First there was “iTunes Festival”, then “Election 2012”, now we have “Apple Events”. Could this also be a precursor to a wider selection of apps? Seems to me that these apps – which are temporary due to their subject matter – would be a great way to test how the Apple TV fares when there’s a sudden spike of traffic to a specific video stream.

It’d be interesting to see if it’d be available via but at least having it on an Apple TV is a way to see it live.