EE announces piss-poor 4G price plans

BBC News:

The firm’s cheapest contract will be £36 per month with no limit on domestic calls and texts.

However, customers on this plan will only have a data allowance of 500MB, at which point speeds are slowed unless a data add-on is bought.

Are you fucking kidding me? 500MB on 4G? Just by being amazed how fast it is, you’ll burn through that in a day. It continues:

The top tariff for standard customers will cost £56 per month, and has a data allowance of 8GB.

8GB is higher than most of Orange / T-Mobile’s existing contracts but it still not great for 4G and is horrendously expensive. Over 2 years that’ll cost you just over £1340. What’s worse is that it looks like EE will have no unlimited plans.

I pay £10 (soon to be £12, the horror) a month for unlimited data on GiffGaff.

I recommend sticking to 3G and wait for Three and (eventually) the other networks to launch. These plans from EE stink.