iPad sold at Texas gas station was actually a mirror

Yahoo! News:

Jalonta Freeman of Arlington, Texas was approached by a stranger at a gas station, selling what he claimed to be a brand new $800 iPad, for just $200. Freeman and her family did not want to miss out on an offer they thought seemed great, so they gave him cash for the tablet, and the man quickly drove away. When the package was finally opened, the Freeman family discovered the elaborately wrapped “iPad” was actually just a mirror about the size of a tablet. Freeman said she felt stupid, but learned a valuable lesson, and offered this advice, “Don’t buy nothing on the streets from nobody.” An Arlington police spokesperson said that crimes of this kind always increase leading up to Christmas. Last year, incidents similar to this were reported in several states.

I have absolutely no sympathy for her. If someone comes up to you on the street and offers you an $800 iPad (or any must-have product) for a quarter of the price, walk away. It’s either a fake or (and more likely) stolen. No-one in their right mind would stand there and think “wow, what a bargain”.