Ofcom sets 4G rollout timeline for consumers to have multi-carrier options by June 2013

Ofcom press release:

Ofcom has today published final regulations and a timetable for the 4G mobile spectrum auction – the largest ever sale of mobile airwaves in the UK.

This new spectrum will be used to deliver superfast 4G mobile services to people in cities, towns and villages across the UK and will almost double the amount of airwaves currently available to smartphones and tablets that use 3G networks.

The rules set out in detail the process involved in the auction – from applying to take part, through to bidding and finally issuing the licences to use the spectrum. Ofcom has also today confirmed reserve prices for the different lots of spectrum on offer and outlines the timetable for the auction process.

Ofcom plans to have all carriers onboard with 4G plans to offer customers for May / June 2013, just over 6 months away.

EE were smart here. Offer bullshit data plans as the only current carrier to support 4G (especially as it matched up nicely with the launch of the iPhone 5) that tie the customer into a 2 year deal so when another network comes along, the customer is stuck.

It’ll be great to see how much their tariffs change when the other networks launch theirs, especially as Three UK1 are known for their cheap unlimited plans.

I’ll call it now, EE plans go from the only plans available to the worst plans out there – or worse, they’ll change them but leave existing customers SOL.

  1. I wonder if Three will become Four the launch for 4G?