Text messaging declines for the first time in the US


In countries around the world, text-message traffic has been shrinking because Internet-powered alternatives are becoming so widely used. American carriers have fought off the decline — until now.

For the first time, the American wireless market saw a decline in the total number of messages sent by each customer each month, according to a report published Monday by Chetan Sharma, an independent mobile analyst who is a consultant for wireless carriers. In the third quarter of this year, cellphone owners sent an average of 678 texts a month, down from 696 texts a month in the previous quarter.

Both iMessage and BBM will be the big causes, followed by WhatsApp.

Carriers make money from calls and texts. If we’re not generating revenue for them with their traditional business model then they start lashing out with piss-poor data plans. Why do you think data plans have moved from unlimited plans to capped ones? Carriers need to adopt a different approach to generating revenue to this that’s mutually beneficial and not just screwing the customer.