Blackberry 10 to be launched in January


The next Blackberry smartphone, which manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) hopes can revive its fortunes, will be introduced on 30 January.

RIM, once a leading name in smartphones, has struggled to keep up with the likes of Apple and Google in recent years.

The new range will run on Blackberry 10, an upgraded operating system.

RIM has not said when the smartphones, which have been set back by multiple delays, will be available to buy.

Yawn. Sorry, dozed off there.

This is the final death throw of RIM. There will be no BB11. Blackberry stagnated under its own hubris in viewing the iPhone and Android as non-competitors in the corporate market.

It took RIM just under eleven years to sell 100 million devices across a model range longer than my… well it’s a long list. Apple? Just five years with only four models, with almost no model overlap.

Blackberry had the option to adapt or die. They chose the latter when they failed to take the competition seriously.