Build and Analyze ending December 17

Marco Arment is calling it a day with his podcast:

Recently, I’ve felt my current podcast, Build and Analyze, getting stale and repetitive. We’ve had a great run, and I’ve greatly enjoyed doing it, but it has run its course. I’d rather end it now than slide into mediocrity — imagine if The Wire ended after season 4, Six Feet Under ended after season 3, or Arrested Development ended right before Michael met Rita.

I’ve been a listener to Build and Analyze for a while and am sad to hear that it’ll no longer continue. I do agree with his reasoning though, podcasts do have a tendency to cling on to their existing formula. Diggnation was a classic example of a podcast that lived on longer than it should have. Both Kevin and Alex had already moved on to new projects and neither really had the energy or drive that they once did. Kevin had left Digg and was focusing in VC, Alex was already doing successfully with TRS.

I’d much rather remember Build and Analyze for what it was than end up unsubscribing out of boredom just as I did with Diggnation.