The Daily Mail (I know, I’m sorry) reports on Lidl’s own brand 33 year old single malt whisky that has drawn praise from whisky connoisseurs:

A packet of nice honey-glazed ham here, a block of rather tasty Stilton there: everyone knows there are surprisingly good deals to be found in discount supermarkets such as Lidl and Aldi.

But sometimes these deals are less surprising, more jaw-dropping.

A whisky being sold in Lidl for under £40 a bottle has become the latest food and drink sensation, after experts claimed it is a ‘superstar’ spirit worth at least £100.

Whisky buffs are set to clear the 33-year-old Maxwell Single Malt Scotch Whisky off shelves of the budget chain, after reviews described it as ‘nearing perfection’ and ‘a whiskey that gives us all a reason to live’.

The little-known liquor, launched in the chain’s UK stores today, is set to become a collector’s item, according to reports.

If, like me, you’re wanting to find your nearest Lidl – here’s their store locator.

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