I’ve spent the last few weeks working on a new site layout that eventually turned into a complete redesign and server change.

Before the change, my site was using a mixture of HTML/PHP hosted at Site5 and, a static weblog service.

Unfortunately, due to too much downtime with Site5 and finding just a little too limiting for what I need it for, I’m now using Pelican – a Python blog generator. I’ve also switched webhost to Hetzner (who offer unbelievably affordable VPS plans). The VPS is completely bare bones, no cPanel, no frilly bits – just a minimal build of CentOS 6.2 that I can customise to my heart’s content.

During the redesign, I’ve since learned a hell of a lot about SASS, Python, Apache and CentOS in general. As someone who likes to be able to learn something new and mess around on a platform or server that I can simply wipe and start from scratch whenever I want, I’d highly recommend some of Hetzner’s VPS plans1 as they start from less than €8 per month. I’ve learnt more in the last month about Apache and Python than I’ve learnt in the last year.

  1. Hetzner don’t have a referral program that I know of but feel free to drop my name if you decide to sign up.