Mac Pro could be manufactured in the USA? All signs point to yes

Tim Cook recently stated in an interview with NBC that Apple will begin manufacturing an existing Mac line in the US in 2013. News of this quickly spread and there’s been debate as to which Mac line would see the move stateside.

Alexander Hoffmann suggested it could be the Mac Pro because a) If anyone can do it, Tim Cook can; and b) Pricing isn’t an issue and users desperate for a Mac Pro would swallow a modest price increase.

In addition, he states that Apple will be making small steps to control manufacturing of their products:

The last thing that I think is not to be misunderstood is Apple’s reasoning for doing this: This is not a political move. From my understanding of the company, it’s another attempt by Apple to exert more control over the manufacturing process of their devices. This is something they have to sacrifice when producing in China.

I agree with Alexander that it’s going to be the Mac Pro but I don’t quite agree with the reasons why. First and foremost, the Mac Pro is already built by Apple at their site in Cork, Ireland – not China. If your Mac’s serial number starts with “CK” then it’s a Cork-built machine. It’s been a few years since I’ve been there (but I don’t think they’ve moved production to China in the last couple of years) but Apple has an entire Mac Pro production facility in Cork at their Apple Campus. It’s been there for years and even churned out PowerMacs back in the day.

Secondly, unlike the MacBooks and Mac mini (which are light and cheap to ship) and the iMacs (which aren’t as light but still by no means heavy), having the Mac Pro manufactured in China never made sense to Apple, especially as most of their customers would probably be stateside – they’re just too heavy to ship around the world cheaply.

Tim Cook already hinted at new Mac Pros in 2013 so the timing all fits.