Apple grammar cheat sheet

I’m seeing more and more articles involving Apple products written that are using incorrect capitalisation on Apple products. For Joe Public, that’s no big deal. But for those in the industry that should know better, shame on you! Here’s a handy list of text substitutions you can customise in System Preferences to avoid these little mistakes.

  • iPad Mini = iPad mini
  • iPod Nano = iPod nano
  • iPod Shuffle = iPod shuffle
  • iPod Classic = iPod classic
  • Macbook Pro = MacBook Pro
  • Macbook Air = MacBook Air
  • Mac Mini = Mac mini
  • iTouch = Seriously? You need autocorrect for this?

Additionally, if your work involves discussing Apple at length (or you’re even in the Apple rumours business), try not to say “Oh Es Ex” on a podcast repeatedly. It’s like nails on a chalkboard to us fanboys.