HP isn’t skating to where the puck is, they can’t even skate

Taylor Wimberly at ReadWrite reports that HP is re-entering the mobile market, using Android as the OS for their devices.

Having failed to carve out a place for itself in the post-PC era, Hewlett-Packard is now taking drastic measures — by adopting Google’s Android operating system to run a series of upcoming mobile devices.

HP spent $1.2 billion to acquire Palm in 2010, bringing with it webOS. Palm’s new OS was still very new at the time and generated a lot of buzz, whilst Palm was about to have a renaissance of sorts with the Palm Pre.

They then released a single device, the HP TouchPad, which lasted a whole month before it was canned, whereby HP announced they’re withdrawing from the mobile business. Now they’re going back into it? They effectively wasted over a billion dollars on the acquisition and destruction of both Palm and webOS. If HP had focused on webOS (both on their own devices as well as licensing) after the acquisition then I’ve no doubt that the mobile market today would have been vastly different.

HP blew it with mobile. If any company can perfectly embody the phrase “skating to where the puck is, not where it will be”, it’s HP. Heck, they aren’t even skating – they’re on the ice in sandals trying to pick up the puck after the game has finished.

Say what you will about Dell’s recent trouble, I’m honestly surprised at how HP has been able to stay around for this long.