Sparsebundle is now open

As I’ve been writing at an increasing rate, it dawned on me that I need to separate my own personal site and my writing. Unlike writers such as Shawn Blanc and Ben Brooks, my site is to cater for clients looking for an awesome web designer. Because of this, the blog was always going to be second to that. I’d often think about writing something, only to talk myself out of it “because my site is for web design, not for writing”. However, In my mind that wasn’t fair. I enjoy the writing I do and it’s been bolstered with an active contribution to sites such as Mactuts+ and, more recently, ResExcellence.

And so, I’ve been working on a new writing venture which is this site, Sparsebundle. Now my writing and web design career can be separated, my plan is to be able to write more often.

I’m still using Pelican and have migrated my old blog over to Sparsebundle. Any existing posts will redirect gracefully so if you’ve got anything bookmarked then you’ll just be redirected to the relevant post on Sparsebundle automatically.