Foundation 4 Released

Foundation is a responsive web design framework and it’s now on it’s 4th major version. It’s similar to Twitter’s Bootstrap, providing a framework to build upon for truly responsive frameworks as well as standardising typography and elements.

Foundation 4 focuses on Mobile First, a method of design that focuses on designing for the smallest mobile devices first using simpler layout controls and then building the layout up. This ensures pretty much any device you cater for, regardless of screen size, will be able to view the content.

I’ve been using Foundation for over a year and am absolutely in love with it. I use it here on Sparsebundle, at and, unless there is a very specific and overwhelming need not to, on all my client sites.

If you can, I highly recommend using the Compass + Sass version as it’s so much more customisable. If you don’t know how to use Sass or Compass (If you don’t know how to use either yet, you really should). Need to change the total grid width? With the vanilla CSS, you’d have to re-download the framework again. With Sass, simply change the appropriate variable and the whole thing reworks itself.

Foundation is open source and you’re encouraged to fork it on GitHub if you’d like to contribute.