A FeedBurner Replacement?

Jim Dalrymple has written about a potential FeedBurner replacement called URI.LV. It does a very similar job to FeedBurner and can track stats as well as provide newsletter versions of RSS feeds and even has a WordPress plugin to make the whole process of implementing really easy.

It still suffers from one of the big problems of FeedBurner – a custom URL. All feeds that are fed through URI.LV are given a http://feeds.uri.lv/yourfeed address so you’re still piping your RSS feed via another service. It uses a 302 redirect that classes the feed address as temporarily moved and, in theory, the feed should continue to work if all of a sudden the link stops (since your original feed address is still being passed with it). The original feed URL is also kept within.

However, if you’re like me then you might tend to subscribe to RSS feeds by clicking the feed button or link or whatever in Safari. During my testing of this, the redirection occurs in the browser, before my RSS reader launches. That means the redirected feed is passed along instead of the original which kind of defeats the point. If I manually copied the feed address into an RSS reader then the redirect works fine.

Since the announcement of Google Reader getting the can, a lot of bloggers and site owners such as Jim have been moving their feeds away from FeedBurner. Whilst URI.LV promises more control, if it were to cease functioning then it’s going to have the same impact where we’re telling users to update their RSS reader just in case. It’s definitely a replacement for getting information about subscriber count but if it goes under then the site’s users are the ones who are slightly inconvenienced again when they have to change their feed.

Rather than rely on another service to manage RSS feeds there needs to be a focus on analytics software that can get stats such as subscriber count but is able to be installed server-side.