Microsoft is no longer the enemy

Brent Simmons writes for Macworld explaining that the rivalry between Apple and Microsoft doesn’t really exist anymore.

Most importantly, Windows is no longer a threat to the computers we love. Not the teeniest, tiniest bit.

The Internet, standard file formats, and smartphones changed all this.

It used to be that you could live in an all-Microsoft world—and this was staggeringly common in the corporate world. You’d use Windows, Office, Internet Explorer, Exchange, and Sharepoint, and your in-house developers would use SQL Server and Visual Studio. All Microsoft all the time.

It’s a great piece and really delves into why Microsoft is not the Microsoft that Apple spent years campaigning against.

I use Office 365 for my email, willingly, because Microsoft Exchange is a fantastic mail solution, and I own an Xbox 360 which I’ve had since launch. iCloud even runs on Azure, a Microsoft cloud platform.

My only critique of this article is that I can’t remember the last time I met an Apple user who was anti-Microsoft. Apple users have moved on and the “war” that these so-called die-hard fans are waging is now firmly between Android and iOS.