URI.LV launches premium features

I’ve written about URI.LV before and although it offers many features that FeedBurner has, I was a little hesitant to use it due to the fact that any user subscribing to my feed by clicking an RSS link on the site (instead of copy/pasting it) would actually get the uri.lv/yourfeed feed address. If you use URI.LV and have Chrome installed, go to your website and click the RSS link, then watch the address bar to see the redirect occur without having the feed then passed to your default RSS reader.

To me, that wasn’t any better than using FeedBurner since if the service ever went down or I wanted to switch away from it then users would have to re-subscribe, an issue people are already experiencing as more and more sites move away from FeedBurner.

URI.LV has since launched a premium service that’s $3 a month (reduced to $2 a month if you pay annually) which offers features such as feed diagnostics, an API and click/display tracking. It also seems to resolve the only issue I had by offering the ability to use a custom subdomain using a CNAME alias such as http://sub.domain.com/yourfeed.

I’ve only just added the CNAME in Hover so URI.LV hasn’t yet detected the DNS change (usually any changes with Hover are pretty much instantaneous) but this should mean that should I ever want to switch away from their service or if they go dark, I can.

The benefit of using this feature is that if I switch back again, I don’t need to worry about subscribers stuck on an address pointing to URI.LV since it all ultimately points to my domain. Should URI.LV stop running, I don’t need to worry about any potential problems for subscribers.

Update: The DNS changes had taken effect immediately, what I’d not realised was that I still needed to add the /feedname to the end of the address. Now that it’s all working I’ve switched my RSS feed over to URI.LV for the time being. If you’re already a subscriber then you won’t need to do anything as it will automatically update.