Intel announces next-gen Thunderbolt

Engadget reports that Intel has announced the latest iteration of Thunderbolt:

Here at NAB, Intel just introduced the next generation of its Thunderbolt interface, which promises a data rate of 20 Gbps in both directions (on each of the two channels) as opposed to 10 Gbps for the previous version.

Thunderbolt is an amazing technology held back by the distinct lack of any widespread support. Apple is still the only company manufacturing a Thunderbolt display, storage devices are hugely expensive with little competition and docks that add existing IO to are few and far between.

I don’t use Thunderbolt but only because I have no need for it. I make do with a USB 3.0 hard drive because that’s plenty fast for what I need it for. However, if a company manufactured a Thunderbolt display that was reasonably priced then I’d buy one in a heartbeat. Until there’s more competition, Thunderbolt is just too expensive to be widely adopted.