Nissan’s Woeful Web Experience

If someone was giving out an award for the most poorly thought-out website by a major company, I’d like to throw Nissan’s name into the ring. Nissan UK’s web experience is not only shocking but it’s almost insulting.

The entire page is 100% Flash.

Nissan is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. With Adobe Flash continuing to lose ground in favour of other technologies such as CSS3, HTML5 and more powerful Javascript libraries, using a 100% Flash landing page is just idiotic. In terms of accessibility, none of the text is selectable (so screen readers and other accessibility services are unable to be used) and can’t be resized (what makes matters even worse is that some of the site’s text is really small). It’s an accessibility nightmare.

What is available for those without Flash installed is a completely ridiculous HTML sitemap, as though those without Flash are somehow penalised for not having it installed. What’s worse, most of the site uses Flash everywhere so even if you select the page you want to view using this 90s throwback, there’s no guarantee the page will even load or display the information you need.

When you do finally get to a page that isn’t all Flash, the navigational menu still is, so you’re pretty much stuck at whatever page you’re on.

Nissan does have a pretty swish mobile page. The image assets are tiny so viewing on a desktop adds to the assumption that their web development team seem to be firmly based in the days of dial-up. If they used higher resolution images and just redirected users to the mobile site, that would be a thousand times better than what they’re doing at the moment.

No matter what your opinion is on Adobe Flash, it should be a supplemental plug-in. If you must, your site design should be enhanced by Flash, not dependant on it. It isn’t standard so it shouldn’t be used as though everyone will have it installed.

I’d be embarrassed if my company’s website looked like that.