Newsify for iOS on how they’ll continue once Google Reader is shut down


In the short term, we’ll be providing an iCloud-based solution to keep your subscriptions and read/starred items in sync across iOS devices. Your current Google Reader subscriptions can be imported into this system. In addition, we’ll be providing our own feed download service to get new RSS content. This will provide a way to keep Newsify working after Google Reader shuts down without the need for any subscription fees. Look for an update in the coming weeks to try out this solution.

Longer term, we’ll integrate with services that are planning to provide a clone of the Google Reader application interface (API), such as Feedly and possibly Digg, provided they are stable. There’s no word on when exactly these services will be available, but we’ll keep watching it.

For the services that provide a different API, we’ll consider integrating with those depending on interest and compatibility.

This is great news from Ben Alexander (developer of Newsify) as it’s my iOS RSS reader of choice. It might not have quite as many features as Mr. Reader or the popularity of Reeder, but it’s a beautifully clean app with enough sharing features for me to send articles to Instapaper or Pinboard.

Unlike other RSS readers, Ben seems to have a plan in place to move away from Google Reader sooner rather than later. By adopting an iCloud service to begin with, it moves existing users away from Google Reader and then future versions can look to Feedly or Digg integration. I just wonder how well iCloud syncing will work, given the flack it’s received as of late.