Panic releases Status Board for iOS

Panic:Status Board is an app from the guys at Panic that provides a way of displaying various pieces of information about a project, news feed, new emails, new items in news feeds, and more. It’s certainly not for everyone and many will question the need for it, but if you’re a small startup, manage multiple projects or run a website and want to keep the stats available to you at all times, it’s well worth a look.

All the panels are customisable and it can even graph and tabulate CSV, HTML and JSON content. I’m currently looking to set up Status Board to keep track of my visitors by hooking into the GoSquared API and it works beautifully.

It’s currently available for $9.99. There’s an in-app purchase to allow Video Out to display it on a HDTV. AirPlay mirroring is disabled but apparently this is due to the overall poor quality of the image.

MacStories has a great in-depth review for it. If stats are you game then Status Board is well worth looking into.