Twitter blunder leads to Microsoft director Adam Orth leaving Microsoft

Game Informer:For those of you that don’t know (or remember), Microsoft Creative Director Adam Orth posted a number of tweets last week that he “didn’t get the drama” surrounding rumours of an always-on next-gen console from Microsoft.

With services such as SimCity, UbiSoft’s previous problems with always-on DRM and the fact that the expectation of a constant (and reliable) internet connection is still not within reach of some users, even in the US or Europe, many see a device that requires a persistent connection as a further tightening of the DRM screw.

The tweets were originally posted without any mentions, before Manveer Heir, a senior game designer at BioWare entered into a conversation with him about the potential problems of always-on connections.

Adam’s tweets were quite insensitive on the issue, even sarcastic. He then made his Twitter account private before the Manveer stated that apparently Adam’s tweets were meant to be in jest and even to troll him into a tongue-in-cheek argument with Adam. Either way, he was a representative of Microsoft and his comments about a potential feature of a future console, whether he was joking or not, shouldn’t have been made.

Microsoft quickly issued an apology and now it seems he’s resigned.