This tragedy is not a keynote

In the last few hours there’s been a terrible incident in Boston with what appears to be two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

If you want to know more about the tragedy then I recommend Reuters or BBC News.

What I don’t recommend are the established tech blogs (who shall remain nameless as I have no desire to provide any link to them) who are treating it like some sort of special event, complete with live updating.

It’s not a fucking keynote. There’s a reason why I don’t get my tech news from FOX – it’s the same reason I don’t get my world news from tech blogs. Just because social media has been used as a way of getting the latest information, that’s the same as any other news report. The fact that this is a larger (and more tragic) story is no excuse for a tech blog to start reporting on world news. What next? Am I going to see the medical journals report on the latest from North Korea?

I don’t want to put any tech journalists down in any way, shape or form, but reporting on the latest iPhone or Samsung handset does not make them somehow qualified or experienced to report on human tragedy.

It’s shameful.

Update: For anyone suggesting that this is being covered because it’s a major news story and it’s a good thing that tech blogs are covering it, then why aren’t they providing continued coverage of the North Korea crisis? Iraq? Afghanistan? Syria?