Game Dev Tycoon forces those who pirate the game to unwittingly fail from piracy

The developers of the indie game Game Dev Tycoon share a unique way of dealing with piracy… they use piracy:

Pre-empting the game’s eventual appearance on file-sharing sites, Patrick and Daniel Klug uploaded their own cracked copy of the full game. But within the code lay a few extra lines.

Those who play the pirated version are warned that their own attempts at creating games are being hampered by piracy. Profits for each project will be less than those who own and paid for the full game.

Players will eventually see their careers end in bankruptcy.

This is a fantastic twist of irony. For those that pirated the game, their experience in-game is hampered by pirates which meant their career would end in bankruptcy.

It’s similar to the method Rocksteady adopted with Arkham Asylum where the game was rigged to prevent pirated users from being able to pass a certain of the game that meant they couldn’t progress.

However, unlike Arkham Asylum, the problems that pirated users faced in-game were the very problems that actual developers experienced with piracy. Very smart, indeed.