Feed Wrangler RSS service officially launches along with iOS apps

Feed Wrangler, a service that’s been created as a response to the shutting down of Google Reader, is now available. It’s $18.99 per year and works in conjunction with Feed Wrangler’s iOS apps. There’s an API launching in May for 3rd-party apps to use which should mean Feed Wrangler’s usage will skyrocket once apps such as Newsify and Reeder add support1.

The closer we get to the July 1st deadline, the more services we’re starting to see. I’m still sticking with Google Reader for as long as possible whilst others migrate to (and therefore, test) alternative RSS platforms. We’re still yet to see an RSS platform from Betaworks / Digg so I’m sticking it out as long as possible.

MacStories has a detailed review of the Feed Wrangler service and iOS apps. It’s got room for improvement but its business model is obvious and has been built to be sustainable so expect regular updates and improvements.

  1. For me, I’d rather use a service that lets me continue to use my preferred RSS app than have to change.