Pelican 3.2 released

A bunch of great improvements and features to my blogging platform of choice, the following being my favourite:

Instead of blog or a site with dated articles, some people want to use Pelican to publish sites with non-chronological content. Pelican 3.2 enables this by providing a way to override the save-to location from within a page’s meta-data, so for example, you can have a pages/ file that will replace your site root’s index.html.

This essentially turns Pelican into a fully-fledge CMS rather than a blog engine. Before I set up Sparsebundle, I ran my blog over at my personal site (which has since reverted to static HTML) but wanted to keep the main index page separate. To do this, I had to hack around with the template I’d created and modify Pelican’s config file so that it would manually copy the index page I wanted, not the most elegant solution. The new version of Pelican makes it much easier to create a new index page without having to do all that.