Instacast for Mac

I haven’t listened to podcasts on my Mac since podcast apps became available for iOS but Instacast for Mac, currently in public beta, is definitely worth considering. It’s extremely unobtrusive and looks great.

Searching for podcasts in Instacast for Mac isn’t just fast, it’s borderline voodoo. I didn’t even finish typing “CMD+Space” before it already had it in the list of found podcasts.

A really nice touch is the “MiniPlayer” which works in the same way as iTunes, floating above all the windows and can stay out of the way, with controls available just by hovering the cursor over it.

My preferred iOS podcast app is Downcast but I’d happily switch to Instacast if it means I could keep my iPhone, iPad and Mac in sync. At the moment I usually hook up my iPhone or iPad to the speakers just so I can keep track of podcasts I’ve listened to.

Stephen Hackett said it best:

Finally, our long national nightmare of listening to our iPhones at our desks is coming to an end.