The Road to Pelican 3.2


Over the weekend, I updated my Pelican installation from v2.8 to v3.2. I tested the new version for a couple of days and was anxious to get on the new hotness. Previously, I tried to go to Pelican 3.0 but site regeneration was painfully slow for me. Version 3.2 handled my 1800 posts like a champ.

I thought I’d share some tips and describe (again) how I’m using Pelican to run this site.

Gabe Weatherhead of Macdrifter fame explains his bumpy Pelican upgrade. I’ve been having almost the same issues with my Pelican upgrade as Gabe had, whereby Pelican 3.2 requires Python 2.7 and my server runs CentOS which requires Python 2.6 in order for some packages to work. This meant installing Pelican in a virtualenv which, whilst it worked fine, I found setting up a cron to update Pelican within an absolute pain.

Gabe’s thorough writeup has pointed me in the right direction and helped not just solve my problem but gain a better understanding of what Pelican can do (I rather like the “view markdown source” for posts plugin).