50 billion apps represents an average of 89 apps for every iOS device sold

50 billion is a staggering number. Whilst some have suggested that it’s the equivalent to 7 apps for every person in the world, it’s far more interesting if you compare it to the number of actual iOS devices.

Apple’s earnings call in January stated Apple had sold over half a billion iOS devices. Their latest earnings call in April reported around another 58 million iPhones and iPads. With a few million iPod touches as well, lets round that to 60 million.

That’s roughly 89 apps downloaded for every single iOS device sold. That’s not per user, that’s for each iOS device. Considering that a good number of users will have at least two iOS devices then that number would actually increase. It’s mind-blowing just how many apps iOS users have downloaded. Even if the majority of those downloads were free, it still leaves a huge number of apps that were paid for which means Apple still made 30% off every single one.

To compare it to the more mature iTunes Music Store, it took ten years to sell 25 billion songs. Granted, the App Store will no doubt be more popular due to free apps but it still goes to show just how insanely popular it is.

Yet despite this huge milestone, Apple’s shares dropped by over $15 today.