Flickr redesigned, offering 1TB of storage for free

That’s a heck of a lot of data and all of the previous benefits of Flickr Pro are all but gone. Instead, there’s two new pricing structures that build upon the free accounts.

  • Ad Free, $49.99 a year
  • Doublr, 2TB of space for $499.99 a year

Unless you absolutely have to keep more than 1TB of photos in a singular Flickr account, I can’t see how many people would want to pay for 2x the storage when they could just create a second Flickr account at 1TB.

It’s been a huge week for Yahoo! and with rumours of a closer relationship between them and Apple, it’ll be very interesting to see what else Yahoo! has got planned. There’s no denying that Yahoo!’s acquisition of Tumblr and the Flickr redesign have been big talking points in the tech community and it seems to have captured more interest and overshadowed the announcements from Google I/O.