Marco Arment sells The Magazine

Marco Arment has announced he’s just sold The Magazine, his subscription-based Newsstand publication:

The Magazine’s development workload was much more front-loaded than I expected. These days, 99% of the work is done by the authors, illustrators, and especially the Executive Editor, Glenn Fleishman.

The actual development required now is minimal, so I’ve been handling the business overhead of The Magazine without doing much of the kind of work I actually enjoy. I accidentally built a business that I’m not very well-suited to run. Glenn’s doing almost everything already, so I’m effectively a figurehead.

Congrats to both Marco Arment and Glenn Fleishman on this and after his recent sale of Instapaper and the hiatus of his podcast Neutral, it makes me wonder just how big whatever he’s working on is.

(If you’re a fan of a huge wall of text, here’s the press release over at PRNewswire).