Breather aims to bring Zipcar-like service to office space

The Verge reports on an interesting new startup called Breather, a service that will offer the ability to rent a room with keyless entry, similar to how the Zipcar service works where you can unlock a car with your phone:

Breather, described as a “Zipcar for rooms” during a launch event covered by VentureBeat, lets users register and then reserve rooms for anywhere from 30 minutes to a full day.

The rooms will be scattered across major cities and reviewed by Breather; each one will include a desk, couch, Wi-Fi, and power outlets among other things. Once someone rents a room, they’ll be able to unlock it using their smartphone for the duration of the stay[…]

This is a great concept and would be extremely useful for those who work from home. I’ve been looking at hot desk services and the ones that are at least half decent aren’t cheap with rates usually for the day.

I’ve never used Zipcar but the rates can be pretty good if you just need a car for the afternoon. Pay a modest fee and you’ve got the use of a car for a period of time. If Breather can offer the same sort of rates where occasional users feel it’s worth the cost then they may be on to a winner.

When you’re just wanting to get out of the home office for a couple of hours but can’t stand sitting in a coffee house, Breather seems like, no pun intended, a breath of fresh air.