Google reverses its decision on CalDAV

The Verge:

In a reverse of course, Google just announced that it will be keeping its CalDAV API open to all developers. Additionally, the company is today making CardDAV — its preferred tool for syncing contact information — available to the public for the first time. Google initially intended to alter CalDAV so the API would adhere to “partner-only” access, allowing only predetermined app makers to utilize the underlying technology behind its calendar syncing. But an abundance of developer feedback apparently gave Google “a better understanding of developers’ use cases” and led to the company revisiting its ill-received decision.

Google announced they were removing CalDAV support for all but whitelisted apps at the same time they announced Reader was getting the can.

If they reversed the decision to shut down Reader I think more people would be pissed off than happy since most of the good replacement services are paid-for.