Microsoft clarifies Xbox One games’ licensing

Microsoft have clarified exactly how game licensing, including used games, works on Xbox One. It’s worth a read if you’re interested in the platform as there’s quite a lot of useful information beyond what everyone seems to be focused on which is the transfer of used games.

The sale and transfer of Xbox One disc-based games does seek rather restrictive since you’re only able to either sell/give them to someone that’s been on your friend’s list for at least 30 days or trade it in at a “participating” retailer, so don’t expect to buy used games on Amazon or eBay.

However, you’re able to access your entire game library on any Xbox One by signing in on another console, meaning you can play the latest release at a friend’s house without any need to bring a copy of the game. You can even designate up to ten family members who can share your games collection on any Xbox One. I’d assume this is only for consoles on the same local network but, they too, will be able to play games at a friend’s house

Additionally, all Xbox One releases will be available digitally as well as on disc upon their release, making pre-orders (and, hopefully, scumbag pre-order bonuses) redundant.

Whether or not you agree with their used games policy, this does seem to address much of the criticism regarding playing games at friends’ houses.