Microsoft Office for iPhone

Microsoft Office for iPhone is now available. No iPad version (yet) and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it requires an Office 365 subscription which means it stays in line with Microsoft’s move towards subscription-based software, as well as preventing Apple from taking a 30% cut.

Whilst many of us will no doubt be questioning whether Microsoft Office for iOS is even needed, I think that’s missing the point. How many people believe, rather mistakenly, that Microsoft Office is the only app that can open Microsoft Office documents? This eliminates the somewhat-flawed argument that iOS isn’t a true contender for business use “because it can’t do Microsoft Office”1.

As Office on Mac and Windows includes Office 365 support then users will be able to store documents on SkyDrive and have them on all their devices which will definitely be of interest to some.

  1. Ironically, that argument was made by Microsoft.