iOS 7: Wolverine

In 2009 a full-length copy of the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine was leaked online. It was a rough cut with missing special effects, mediocre sound and even a draft title sequence. The movie, in terms of its overall plot and layout, was pretty much finished but it needed a lot of extra work before it would be ready for its theatrical release.

This didn’t stop Roger Friedman, a gossip reporter for Fox News, from reviewing the film based upon this work in progress. He was promptly fired.

Whenever I hear about a “review” of iOS 7, I’m reminded of the above. It may be complete enough to be offered as a beta but there’s a lot to finish before it’s ready for the theatrical release. The special effects still need work and some pretty major set pieces are still waiting to be added.

I understand why people are in a hurry to get their hands on iOS 7, I can’t wait either, but I’d rather wait for a polished release than have to deal with inconsistencies, bugs and unfinished software. It’s like reading a bunch of spoilers for a movie you’re really looking forward to, all it will do is mar your experience of what should be something great, and nothing can be done to undo that.

Reviewing iOS 7 based upon a draft as rough as a beta release is no different from Roger Friedman’s review based upon the unfinished movie, and you’re doing your readers – and yourself – a disservice.