O2 announces 4G launch date in the UK

BBC News:

O2 has announced that its 4G mobile network is set to launch on 29 August.

The service – offering higher mobile data speeds than 3G – will initially be available in London, Leeds and Bradford.

O2 said it planned to extend the service to a further 10 cities by the year’s end.

Despite all the complaining about Everything Everywhere getting 4G coverage months in advance of the other networks, O2’s new 4G service can only run in three cities. Worse still, Leeds and Bradford are within only a few miles of each other and aren’t exactly big places (I should know, I’ve lived there) but just happen to be where the headquarters of O2 and Telefonica UK are located.

Birmingham and Manchester are the second cities of the UK and having 4G coverage in place in these locations would’ve made perfect sense. It seems to be O2 just aren’t ready yet.

And the icing on the cake is that the iPhone 5 will not be compatible with O2’s 4G1.

  1. To be fair, this isn’t really the fault of O2 but due to the large number of different frequencies that 4G operates on and a limit in technology. O2’s 4G service operates on the 800MHz band, the lowest band the iPhone 5 operates on is 850MHz for 4G. No doubt the next iteration of the iPhone will work fine.