Instacast updates metrics for podcast rankings


Our servers keep count of the total amount of subscribers each podcast in our directory has, and until recently Instacast would use this subscriber count to rank podcasts in its directory, meaning that podcasts with the highest number of subscribers would appear higher in the directory’s listings. Although this was a helpful way to track popular podcasts, we were faced with the problem that a lot of popular podcasts haven’t received any new content for some time (even years in some cases). Due to this, we made a small change to the way Instacast’s directory curates podcast rankings: now, only podcasts that are actively publishing new content in addition to maintaining a large subscriber base will rise to the top of the directory’s charts. We hope that this change will help to keep you in touch with the most popular, up-to-date podcasts, and that this blog post gives you further insight into how we continue to collect and curate the podcasts in Instacast’s directory.

This is a good move by Vemedio as many of the top podcasts were indeed stale (Neutral being a good example). There are a number of podcasts I subscribe to that are from the BBC (such as The Infinite Monkey Cage) which go on hiatus for months at a time and even though there’s no new content, many will simply remain subscribed.