Consume for iOS discontinued

Sad news from Bjango:

It has been a very difficult choice, but we have decided to retire Consume to focus on other projects.Over its lifespan, we’ve release 21 versions, starting with version 1 in November 2009. Consume 2 was a free update and the latest update, 2.14 was released April 2013. We’ve updated many providers over the last couple of months and will continue to maintain some of the more popular ones for the remainder of 2013.

Consume is still one of my most frequently used apps that provides a great way to access usage information from a variety of service providers. I mostly use it for my Oyster travel card and great way to keep track of parcels via UPS.

I understand why they would want to no longer support it as many of the service providers Consume interacts with don’t have an API, instead it relies upon logging in transparently – something that can break or stop working whenever a change to the provider’s site is made.