Good content is too valuable to die

Vitaly Friedman at Smashing Magazine writes about the complete clusterfuck (there’s no other word for it) that was the move of .net magazine’s online content over to Creative Bloq:

Yesterday over 9,500 articles published throughout the years on .net magazine disappeared over night. Sadly, only the top 500 articles were moved to a new home while others just vanished from the Web within a couple of seconds.

For a publication that specialises in the web design and development, this complete shambles of a move couldn’t have been more ironic. Yes, this sort of effort is a big undertaking if you’re moving from one CMS to another but this is where planning and preparation is key. I’m sure given a little time, any code monkey could’ve come up with a simple script to import the content, even the images could’ve been left where they were, temporarily hotlinked then dealt with later. As only the top 500 articles1 were migrated, it really does sound as though it was done by hand, otherwise whatever automated system was put in place could have migrated all of them.

  1. As many iOS users who have waded through the top charts of the App Store will know, being in the top insert number here doesn’t make it good.