Realmac Software responds to Clear backlash

Realmac Software:

Over the last week, we’ve received a lot of very passionate feedback about Clear for iPhone and the launch of Clear for iOS 7. The name was slightly confusing, as Clear for iPhone also works on iOS 7 – and we didn’t make enough emphasis that Clear for iOS 7 was a new app because we’d built it for iPad for the first time.

We all know why this update was paid-for as it introduced some stellar new features and, more importantly, Clear for iPad. Explaining that to novice App Store users is tricky and, sometimes, users can be left confused and frustrated simply because they don’t understand. This frustration often ends up being vented via reviews on the App Store, usually in a less than positive way.

I think that, on occasion, we forget that regular people use the App Store who don’t know it as well as we do, nor do they understand about its lack of upgrade pricing mechanism. From their perspective, they’ve just seen a new version of the app that requires it to be purchased again.

Even though I’m not a fan of version numbers within product or app names1, this numerical distinction does serve a purpose. If the new version of Clear was called “Clear 2”, I suspect the backlash would have been far less.

Good on Realmac Software for tackling this problem head-on.

  1. I thought iPad 2 and iPhone 4 onwards were really poor naming choices.