EARBUDi Review


Finding a good set of headphones for running has been something I’ve had little success with over the years, having tried everything from Apple earbuds to Bluetooth headphones. I’ve never found a set that I was really happy with, either having to compromise on losing the inline controls for volume and changing tracks, or on comfort.

Despite all of the different sets of headphones I’ve tried over the years, I always end up back with the Apple offering as they offer a decent trade-off between comfort, cost and features.

With my iPhone 5, I’ve switched to Apple’s redesigned earbuds and found them an even better fit and better sounding, but have noticed that it takes far less movement for them to end up falling out of my ear, proving extremely annoying when attempting to run for any distance. Since I knew I would usually end up wasting money on various sets of headphones before eventually returning to, and putting up with, Apple’s, I decided to see if there was anything I could do.

I stumbled across the EARBUDi clips on Amazon, a set of ear loops designed to turn Apple’s new earbuds into a set of sports headphones, providing additional security and support to stop them falling out. At less than $10/£7, I decided to give them a go.

The clips are, basically, just the loops you’d find on a set of sports headphones but, instead of finding an actual headphone, each loop has a small plastic clip that the Apple earbuds clip in to.

The clip is on a ball joint, allowing for a good degree of adjustability and, although the loops themselves aren’t adjustable, they should fit just about anyone’s ears.

I’ve been running with them a number of times now and they work exactly as I’d hoped, keeping the headphones in place, even if I accidentally catch the cable. Now, I get to keep my inline controls for music control and am not buying yet another set of headphones.

The Amazon reviews were favourable, though a number of reviewers claimed that they broke far too easily. Looking at them, the only way they could break is if you’re pulling at the loop when you’re trying to remove the earbuds, likely breaking the plastic ball joint. I’d put that down to user negligence rather than poor design as these feel quite sturdy and the earbuds are kept in place very well.

If you’re a runner who often uses an iPod or iPhone for music and are looking for a set of headphones, try these (provided you have the new Apple earbuds) instead.

You can purchase the EARBUDi clips from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.