User Sogeking99 on Reddit writes about his catastrophically bad experience with Nintendo after having a faulty Wii U exchanged under warranty:

The disc drive on my Wii U was broken, but luckily I had the receipt so I simply returned it. Get home and try to sign in to my account and it tells me it is already tied to another Wii U.

I contacted Nintendo customer support and was told that I can only get my games back if I have access to both the broken one and my new one and I send it to Nintendo.

Since I no longer have the original console I have now lost all my games, £100’s gone.

How can they be this bad? Why did I have to make an account if it is tied to that Wii U and that Wii U alone? I’ll not be buying a Nintendo system ever again now.

No wonder people keep taking about Nintendo being in trouble. This is absolutely inexcusible.

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