Good Riddance

Aaron Vegh writes about the now-ended poor excuse for a podcast that was Angry Mac Bastards and the 30 minute bullying session the hosts inflicted upon him:

Months ago, I put up a page to help solicit either a new job, or a new partnership. I suppose the risk is that you open yourself to criticism. Little did I realize the extent of it.

On December 16, the Angry Mac Bastards podcast spent almost 30 minutes talking about my “hire me” page, located at You can listen to the podcast from this page. It starts at minute 53 or so.

I have a lot of childhood experience with bullying. Like anyone with an asymmetric power relationship to the victim, the AMB crew remains quite unrepentant on Twitter about what they do, so I don’t see any benefit in arguing their points, their cruelty, or complain that they targeted me in particular.

Instead, I wanted there to be a record of their words. Podcasts are ephemeral at best; I doubt even the hosts remember what they’ve said. So I took the time to transcribe the segment. It’s long, and I don’t mind if you don’t read it.

Please take the time to read this and understand how utterly unacceptable it was for the hosts of that show to do what they did. This was bullying, plain and simple, ranging from criticising his choice of haircut to his choice of resume template.

The hosts are without any shred of deceny, as their piss-take of an apology proves.