Facebook Wi-Fi


  • Customers simply check in to your location on Facebook to connect to free Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi codes aren’t necessary and there are no new accounts to create
  • Customers can manually check in or choose a setting that lets them automatically check in whenever they visit your location

I’m not Facebook’s biggest fan but I think this is a novel idea. It provides Facebook with more user engagement whilst business owners benefit from the free marketing that all these Facebook interactions provide when friends see them appear on their News feed.

Facebook aren’t providing the Wi-Fi infrastructure or footing the bill (that’s for you to do), but it allows you to open up your Wi-Fi in exchange for visitors liking your business’ Facebook page. While it is a bit of an underhanded way to artificially inflate Facebook likes, it’s much better than having to sign up to Random Wi-Fi Provider #4 and hand over more personal information just to get a quick internet fix1.

(Via Hacker News).

  1. While you could certainly enter fake details, some providers (such as O2 Wi-Fi) send a verification code via SMS, forcing you to at least provide a working phone number. 

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