Network Solutions auto-enrols users into $1,850 subscription

Brent Simmons gets a genuinely shocking email:

I got an email from Network Solutions — where I still have two domains, originally registered in the ’90s — that informed me I have been enrolled in their WebLock Program.

To help recapture the costs of maintaining this extra level of security for your account, your credit card will be billed $1,850 for the first year of service on the date your program goes live. After that you will be billed $1,350 on every subsequent year from that date. If you wish to opt out of this program you may do so by calling us at 1-888-642-0265.

(Here’s a screenshot of the email. I’ve pasted in the text at the end of this post.)

I couldn’t believe that I’d been opted-in, without my permission, to any new product — and I was stunned when I saw how much it cost. And further surprised when I saw that I would have to make a phone call to deal with all this.

Opting out of a newsletter is one thing, but being automatically enrolled into a $2,000 subscription without prior consent? That’s disgusting and shameful.