The Instructional

How many times have you downloaded a well-reviewed app or updated to the latest version of iOS or OS X, only to never quite know what it can do or how to use it?

It’s something I’d wager almost every iOS or Mac device owner has done at some point, I certainly have. Surprisingly, while there are many, many sources for app reviews, roundups and Apple news, there are very few that focus on educating readers about how best to use their Apple products or the apps they run.

For the last few months, I’ve been working on a new site to do exactly that, called The Instructional.

My aim for the site is to provide in-depth guides and workflows for Mac and iOS, picking up where most app reviews finish by exploring the various features and functions of apps for, and features of, both iOS and OS X.

The site will have something for everyone, from new iPad owners to seasoned Mac users. Each post will explore a particular app or feature, providing easy and clear instructions and steps so you can follow along.

You won’t find any posts about rumours, news or opinion. Instead, I only want to provide content that enhances your experience and knowledge of Apple’s products, as well as the apps you use.

The Instructional launches February and you can sign up to be notified as soon as it does.

You can also follow The Instructional on at @theinstructional or on Twitter at @_instructional.